CHP Practice Test #2

1) The driver of a school bus SPAB, or youth bus shall not eject any school pupil unless the pupil is given into the custody of:
a) Transportation Supervisor
b) Peace Officer
c) School Official
d) Parent, or any person designated by the parent or school

2) If a school bus is disabled off the roadway but within 10 feet, reflectors should be placed:
a) 100 feet to the front, 10 feet to the rear, 100 feet to the rear
b) 10 feet to the rear, 100 feet to the rear, 200 feet to the rear
c) 10 feet to the front, 100 feet to the rear, 200 feet to the rear
d) 10 feet to the rear, 100 feet to the rear, 100 to 500 feet to the rear

3) No motor carrier shall permit or require a driver, regardless of the number of motor carriers using the drivers services, to drive nor shall any driver for any period after being on duty for:
a) 40 hours in any 6 consecutive days
b) 60 hours in any 8 consecutive days
c) 70 hours in any 7 consecutive days
d) 80 hours in any 8 consecutive days

4) When can a strobe light legally be used?
a) When the visibility is less than 500 feet
b) When the visibility is less than 400 feet
c) When the visibility is less than 300 feet
d) When the visibility is less than 250 feet

5) A driver shall be placed out of service for a period of __ when their BAC level exceeds:
a) 8 hours / .01
b) 8 hours / .04
c) 24 hours / .01
d) 24 hours / .04

6) During hours of darkness the driver shall ensure that the interior of the bus is sufficiently lighted:
a) at all times with passengers aboard
b) When passengers enter and exit the bus
c) When the driver observes any hanky panky
d) To accommodate the passengers as long as the light does not interfere with the driver's vision

7) If you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol you shall lose your school bus certificate for a period of not less than:
a) 1 year
b) 2 years
c) 3 years
d) 7 years

8) School bus drivers, within the same month of reaching the age of __ and each 12 - months thereafter, shall undergo a physical examination:
a) 55
b) 60
c) 65
d) 70

9) Operational policies for school activity trips shall give school bus drivers discretionary authority to discontinue operation because of:
a) Road conditions
b) Reduced visibility
c) Student behavior problems
d) Adverse weather conditions

10) a 53-passenger school bus is required to carry a first aid kit of what size?
a) 10 units
b) 16 units
c) 24 units
d) 48 units

11) A school bus driver is required to have a class B drivers license with a Passenger endorsement and:
a) School Bus Certificate, DL-45
b) California Special Driver Certificate, DL-45
c) California Bus Drivers License, DL-54
d) California School Bus License, DL-54

12) Motor carriers are required to keep a record of all vehicles each driver is capable of safely operating on a highway unsupervised including all special equipment used in Special Education. This is known as the ______:
a) Drivers Records
b) Driving Proficiency
c) Drivers Log Book
d) Drivers Proficiency Records

13) School bus drivers may renew their certificate within __ months before their expiration date:
a) 3
b) 6
c) 9
d) 12

14) A defensive Driver's visual lead-time may need to be _____ due to an increase in speed:
a) Decreased
b) Increased
c) Remains the same
d) None of the above

15) What adjustments does a defensive driver need to make due to adverse weather conditions?
a) Perception
b) Conditioned response
c) Driving skills
d) Attitude

16) All behind the wheel training required to obtain a California Special Driver Certificate to drive school buses shall be conducted by a:
a) State Certified Instructor of the appropriate class
b) Delegated Behind the wheel Instructor
c) California Highway Patrol Officer
d) Both A and B

17) Which statement are true if your involved in a hijacking stiuation:
a) Do not speak unless spoken to
b) Observe carefully everything that occurs
c) The first 15-45 minutes are the most dangerous
d) All of the above

18) Tires on school a bus shall not be used due to the following conditions:
a) Unrepaired fabric breaks
b) Exposed or damaged cord
c) Bumps, bulges or knots due to internal separation
d) All of the above

19) A driver who encounters adverse driving conditions and cannot because of those conditions, safely complete the run within the maximum driving time may be permitted to drive an additional ____ Hours in order to complete that run:
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

20) A school bus driver on an extended leave of absence due to illness, or lack of employment as a driver, who fails to maintain the required in-service hours and is required to submit proof of training to the CHP but fails to submit proof constitutes reason for:
a) The DMV allows 30 days to make-up training hours
b) The DMV allows 45 days to make-up training hours
c) The DMV to cancel the driver's certificate
d) The DMV to revoke the driver's certificate

21) When approaching an intersection at the same time as another driver, when should you proceed through the intersection?
a) After stopping
b) When it is safe to proceed
c) The driver on the left has the right of way
d) The driver on the right has the right of way

22) Re-grooved tires may be used on a school bus on the:
a) Front wheels
b) Rear wheels
c) Front and rear wheels
d) Re-grooved tires are not allowed

23) A driver of a school bus or other commercial vehicle is required to manually turn off the vehicle upon arriving at a school and when operating within ___ feet of a school is prohibited from idling:
a) 50
b) 100
c) 150
d) 200

24) There are two factors in defensive driving in preventing a driver and the vehicle from becoming involved in a collision. They are reaction time and:
a) Breaking distance
b) Perception
c) Visual lead time
d) Conditioned response

25) The number of passengers (excluding infant in arms) shall not exceed the number of safe and adequate seating spaces specified by the seating capacity set forth in the:
a) California Bus Operations Certificate, CHP 292
b) California Inspection Approval Certificate, CHP 292
c) Vehicle Inspection Approval Certificate, CHP 292
d) Motor Carrier School Bus Approval Certificate, CHP 292

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