Rules and Regulations Test #1

1) How old must you be to drive a school bus in the State of California?
a) 21 years of age
b) 16 years of age
c) 18 years of age
d) 19 years of age.

2) What type of license is required to drive a school bus?
a) 1 or 2
b) 1, 2 or 3
c) A or B
d) A, B or C

3) What is the form name for the DL-45?
a) Medical Examination Form
b) Application for School Bus Certificate
c) Drivers License
d) California Special Driver Certificate

4) What 3 State agencies regulate school busing in the State of California?

5) A log must be used if you travel more than 100 air miles from your departure point to your destination (as the crow flies), How far is one hundred air miles?
a) 100 statute miles
b) 110 miles
c) 120 miles
d) 100 nautical miles or 115.08 statute miles, or 185.2 kilometers

6) What are the four (4) required mirrors on a school bus?
a) Right flat, left flat, interior flat, convex
b) Right flat, left flat, interior flat, cross view
c) Convex, cross-over, right flat, left flat
d) Left flat, right flat, interior flat, cross-over

7) How many hours of training are required for renewal drivers each year?
a) 12
b) 10
c) 20
d) 8

8) What is the maximum speed limit for a school bus (with students on-board) in the State of California?
a) 55 mph
b) 60 mph
c) 65 mph
d) The posted speed limit

9) What type of endorsement is a school bus driver required to have on his/her license?
a) S
b) T
c) P
d) Both "a" & "c"

10) What is the maximum driving time for a school bus driver, allowed by the Hours of Service regulation?
a) 16
b) 8
c) 11
d) 10

11) When is the school bus driver's seatbelt required to be fastened?
a) At all times
b) There is no seatbelt requirement for school bus drivers
c) At all time when the vehicle is in motion
d) Only with passenger on-board

12) When may a school bus driver use his/her horn?
a) Only during the hours of 07:00 to 18:00
b) To make students aware that the bus is waiting
c) Never in the city
d) To insure safe operation

13) A driver is required to have a physical examination every ___ year(s) if he/she is under ___ years of age?
a) 1/65
b) 2/55
c) 2/65
d) 1/55

14) The CHP Inspection Approval Certificate is also know as form number?
a) DL-45
b) DL-51
c) CHP292
d) CHP295

15) How many hours may elapse from the time a school bus driver reports to work, until that driver must go "Off Duty"?
a) 8
b) 10
c) 12
d) 16

16) What is the minimum tread depth required on the steering axle of a school bus?
a) 4/32
b) 2/32
c) 3/32
d) 6/32

17) When are you required to sign your State of California Department of Education form T-01?
a) Your Birthday
b) Within 30 days following your birthday
c) The end of your training period
d) Within 30 days after the end of each training period

18) Upon reaching your 65th birthday, how often are you required to have a physical?
a) Every 2 years
b) Within the same month of reaching the age of 65 and each 12th month thereafter.
c) Every 6 months
d) As needed

19) How many consecutive hours are required to be "Off Duty" to satisfy your Hours of Service requirements?
a) 8
b) 6
c) 10
d) 16

20) It is a misdemeanor to fail to comply with which of the following rules?
a) Hours of Service
b) Hazardous Material Transportation
c) School bus construction, design, color, equipment, maintenance, operation
d) All of the above

21) If a school bus driver chooses to waive the CHP First Aid Examination, the driver must pass an EMS Authority approved first aid training program, and maintain in his/her possession, a valid first aid cards for how long?
a) 1 year
b) 2 years
c) 3 years
d) Throughout the term of their certificate

22) When may a school bus driver violate the restrictions placed on his/her certificate?
a) In an emergency
b) When instructed to do so by the dispatcher
c) When it is required by the employer
d) Never

23) The DMV shall deny or revoke a California Special Drivers Certificate for which of the following reasons?
a) Conviction of a sex crime defined in EC 44010
b) Within the preceding 3 years has had his/her driving privileges suspended, revoked, or is on probation for any reason involving unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.
c) Within the preceding 3 years has committed any violation, which resulted in a conviction assigned a violation point count of 2 or more for reckless driving.
d) All of the above

24) The medical examination required for original or renewal drivers may be submitted on forms from the following agencies:
c) LAPD, NYPD, OC Sheriffs

25) The acronym SPAB stands for:
a) Student Pupil Activity Bus
b) School Passenger Activity Bus
c) Student Passenger Activity Bus
d) School Pupil Activity Bus

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