Rules and Regulations Test #3

1) The use of amber warning lights are required on the approach to load or unload pupils, when must the amber warning lights be deactivated?
a) Upon reaching the school bus stop
b) Prior to activating the flashing red lights signal system
c) Within 5 minutes after reaching the school bus stop
d) Within 2 minutes after reaching the school bus stop

2) The driver of a school bus, shall before opening the entry door:
a) Ensure that the flashing red light signal system and stop signal arm are activated
b) Stop the engine
c) Ensure that it is safe to enter and exit the school bus
d) Both a and c above

3) If your school bus breaks down on a divided highway, where do you place the three reflective triangles?
a) 10 ft to the rear, 100 ft to the rear, 100 feet to the front
b) 100 ft to the rear, 200 ft to the rear, 300 ft to the rear
c) Not less than 100 ft, not more than 500 feet
d) 10 ft to the rear, 100 ft to the rear, 200 ft to the rear

4) On what form do you find seating capacity on a school bus?
a) DL-45
b) DL-51
c) CHP 295
d) CHP 292

5) Who issues your temporary California Special Drivers Certificate, and for how long?
a) DMV / 60 days
b) DMV / 90 days
c) CHP / 60 days
d) CHP / 90 days

6) How many sealed units are required in a first aid kit on a school bus with a seating capacity of 42?
a) 10
b) 16
c) 24
d) 18

7) How often shall a school bus driver inspect a school bus?
a) Every time before departing a destination
b) Daily
c) Every 3,000 miles or 45 days
d) Annually

8) When may a school bus driver discontinue his/her route?
a) Fatigue
b) Illness
c) Any other cause
d) All of the above

9) A school bus driver may discontinue his/her route for which of the following reasons?
a) Heavy rain
b) Blizzard conditions
c) Fog
d) Visibility

10) A driver that is SPAB certified, may not drive which type of vehicle?
a) Farm labor vehicle
b) Youth bus
c) School pupil activities bus
d) School bus

11) When may you have alcohol on a school bus?
a) When it is stored in the luggage compartment
b) Only if the container is unopened
c) Only with authorization of the school superintendent
d) Never

12) What shall the school bus driver do prior to leaving the driver's compartment of a school bus, with pupils on-board?
a) Effectively set the parking brake
b) Place the transmission in the appropriate gear (1st, reverse, park, or neutral)
c) Remove the keys from the ignition and keep in his/her possession
d) All of the above

13) When are the interior lights of a school bus required to be on?
a) At he discretion of the driver
b) During hours of darkness
c) When entering and exiting the bus
d) At all times

14) What is the speed limit of a school bus at a railroad crossing, alley way, or uncontrolled blind intersection?
a) 5 mph
b) 10 mph
c) 15 mph
d) 25 mph

15) How long do you have to report a violation of the flashing red light signal system?
a) 1 year
b) 6 months
c) 30 days
d) 24 hours

16) Upon reaching a railroad crossing, the driver of a school bus shall perform which of the following procedures?
a) Stop look and listen
b) Set his/her parking brake
c) Stop not less than 15 ft nor more than 50 ft from the nearest rail of the railroad grade crossing
d) Both a & c above

17) What is the definition of proficiency?
a) Being a good driver
b) Having driven for more than 1 year without an accident
c) Capable of safely operating all different types of vehicles unsupervised on the highway
d) Knowing your bus

18) In relationship to the safety circle, what is the farthest zone from the school bus?
a) Action zone
b) Accident zone
c) Recognition zone
d) None of the above

19) What is the minimum BC requirement on a type 1 school bus?
a) 8 BC
b) 2 - 4 BC's
c) 10 BC
d) Not less than 8 BC

20) Which of the following pieces of equipment are not required on a school bus?
a) 3 reflective triangles
b) Two-way radio and P.A.
c) First aid kit
d) Fire extinguisher

21) If you lose your California Special Driver Certificate, when may you drive again?
a) You may drive with a photo copy of your credentials
b) You may drive with a copy of your pull notice and H-6
c) You may only drive after having obtaining a temporary certificate from the CHP and or the DMV
d) You may drive as long as you intend to obtain a new certificate

22) When may you drive a bus that is in need of repair?
a) Never
b) When the repair needed is minor in nature
c) With permission from the mechanic charged with care of the vehicle
d) It is at the discretion of the dispatcher

23) The school bus driver shall not eject any school pupil unless the pupil is given into the custody of:
a) The CHP
b) The driver may never eject a pupil
c) Someone who accepts responsibility for the pupil
d) A parent or any person designated by the parent or school

24) Smoking on a school bus is prohibited when?
a) Always
b) Never
c) When pupil in grades pre-k through 8th are on-board
d) When a pupil is aboard

25) When does a school bus not need to stop at a railroad grade crossing
a) When the tracks are parallel to the roadway
b) When the tracks are traffic signal controlled, and the light is green
c) When an exempt sign with black back ground and yellow lettering is posted
d) All of the above

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