Rules and Regulations Test #4

1) How many pupils may occupy the space beside the driver in a type 2 school bus?
a) None
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

2) What is the definition of a school bus accident?
a) A motor vehicle accident resulting in property damage in excess of $750 or personal injury, on public or private property, and involving a school bus transporting a pupil
b) A collision between a vehicle and a pupil or a school bus driver while the pupil or driver is crossing the highway when the school bus flashing red signal lamps are required to be operated pursuant to Section 22112
c) Injury of a pupil inside a vehicle described in paragraph (1) as a result of acceleration, deceleration, or movement of the vehicle
d) All of the above

3) How many hours and what type of training is required for an original school bus certificate?
a) 10 classroom / 10 behind the wheel
b) 15 classroom / 15 behind the wheel
c) 20 classroom / 20 behind the wheel
d) 15 classroom / 20 behind the wheel

4) If a school bus driver fails to make-up deficient training hours within 30 days after notification of the CHP, What action may the CHP officer / coordinator recommend be taken against his/her California Special Driver Certificate?
a) No action will be taken
b) Suspension
c) Revocation
d) Cancellation

5) A school bus stop shall not be designated at which of the following locations?
a) Within, 200 ft of the nearest rail of any railroad crossing or grade, except at railroad stations or on highways that parallels the railroad tracks
b) The left-hand side of any highway
c) On a divided or multiple-lane highway where pupils must cross the highway to board or after exiting the bus
d) All of the above

6) On a school bus the headlights are required to be one when?
a) Always
b) During hours of darkness
c) With passengers on-board
d) At all times when the vehicle is in motion

7) All pre-k through 8th grade pupils who receive home-to-school transportation shall receive safety instruction, how often?
a) At least once a year
b) Prior to departure on all field or activity trips
c) Both a & b above
d) There is no requirement

8) Bus evacuations shall be performed how often?
a) BI-annually
b) Annually
c) Daily
d) Every 13 months

9) How many tie downs are required per wheel chair on a school bus?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) As many as needed to secure the chair to the vehicle

10) How many fire extinguishers and what type are required on a wheel chair bus?
a) 1 / 8 BC
b) 2 / 4 BC
c) 2 / 8 BC
d) 2 / not less than 8 BC

11) A school bus equipped with hydraulic brakes shall not be moved unless the vacuum gauge indicates more than ___ inches of mercury
a) 6
b) 8
c) 10
d) 15

12) The gross vehicle weight of any school bus manufactured after January 1, 1973, shall not be greater than?
a) 65,000 lbs
b) 10 tons
c) 185 pounds per certified net published horsepower of the engine
d) There is no such regulation

13) Type 1 school buses constructed after Jan. 1, 1965, and type 2 school buses constructed after April 1, 1977, shall have exterior side mounted rearview mirrors, each with at least ___ square inches in the reflective area.
a) 25
b) 50
c) 75
d) 110

14) The exterior of a school bus shall be what color (except bumpers, grills, lamp bodies, and other accessories)?
a) Yellow
b) Light yellow
c) Chartreuse
d) National school bus yellow

15) What color may the wheels of a school bus be painted?
a) Yellow
b) Black
c) A or B above
d) Any Color

16) What is the minimum tread depth required on school bus snow tires used in lieu of tire traction devices?
a) 4/32
b) 2/32
c) 3/32
d) 6/32

17) Who may stand on a moving school bus?
a) Driver Trainer
b) Maintenance personnel
c) A sales or manufacturer's representative
d) All of the above

18) Upon reaching your 65th birthday, how often are you required to have a physical?
a) Every 2 years
b) Within the same month of reaching the age of 65 and each 12th month thereafter.
c) Every 6 months
d) As needed

19) How many consecutive hours are required to be "Off Duty" to satisfy your Hours of Service requirements?
a) 8
b) 6
c) 10
d) 16

20) It is a misdemeanor to fail to comply with which of the following rules?
a) Hours of Service
b) Hazardous Material Transportation
c) School bus construction, design, color, equipment, maintenance, operation
d) All of the above

21) If a school bus driver chooses to waive the CHP First Aid Examination, the driver must pass an EMS Authority approved first aid training program, and maintain in his/her possession, a valid first aid cards for how long?
a) 1 year
b) 2 years
c) 3 years
d) Throughout the term of their certificate

22) When may a school bus driver violate the restrictions placed on his/her certificate?
a) In an emergency
b) When instructed to do so by the dispatcher
c) When it is required by the employer
d) Never

23) The DMV shall deny or revoke a California Special Drivers Certificate for which of the following reasons?
a) Conviction of a sex crime defined in EC 44010
b) Within the preceding 3 years has had his/her driving privileges suspended, revoked, or is on probation for any reason involving unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.
c) Within the preceding 3 years has committed any violation, which resulted in a conviction assigned a violation point count of 2 or more for reckless driving.
d) All of the above

24) The medical examination required for original or renewal drivers may be submitted on forms from the following agencies:
c) LAPD, NYPD, OC Sheriffs

25) The acronym SPAB stands for:
a) Student Pupil Activity Bus
b) School Passenger Activity Bus
c) Student Passenger Activity Bus
d) School Pupil Activity Bus

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